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The Only 121 Words You Need to Read Today as an Occupational Therapist

Mandy Chamberlain MOTR/L Education & Tips for Independent Living 2 Comments

You Make a Difference

Every. Single. Day.

Most of us went into Occupational Therapy to help people, but we get sucked into the politics, the insurance companies, the pressures of corporation and the barriers that prevent us from doing the job we want to do.

I challenge you today to remind yourself that what we do as a profession MATTERS.

It matters to our patients.

It matters to their loved ones.

It matters to US and we make a difference - Every. Single. Day.

Even those days it doesn't feel like it.

So I ask you to repeat the phrase "You Make a Difference - Every. Single. Day. "

Believe it, breathe it, embrace it and go and show your patients that you mean it.

 Click Here for a Printable of "You Make a Difference. Every. Single. Day" 
You Make a Difference - Every. Single. Day.

Cut them apart & put one in your wallet, post one on your bathroom mirror, stick one to your rearview mirror - anywhere you need a reminder (because you DO make a differnce! 🙂 )