Great ideas on ways to adapt in order for your patient's to work with you. | #OTpodcast #OT #occupational therapy

Podcast: 5 Tips of the Trade to Overcoming Patient Refusals

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On this episode, I will talk about 5 tips to help you overcome patients refusing occupational therapy services. Many times it is not that the patient wants to refuse, but we aren’t listening to the patient’s specific wants and needs. Referenced: Overcoming Patient Refusals Reference Guide  OT Goal: OT practitioner will complete 100% of the patient visits in their clinical setting as …

Seniors Flourish Podcast: Talking about how to integrate more occupation based treatment in our practice. SUBSCRIBE on iTunes or Stitcher | #OTpodcast #OT #occupationaltherapy

Podcast: Focusing on Occupation in Occupational Therapy

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On this episode, I will talk with Sarah Stromsdorfer OT and blogger over at about how we as occupational therapists can add more occupation based treatment ideas and documentation into our daily interventions. Referenced: MOHO Modified Interest Checklist Occupation Based Kit Ideas and Free Supply List OT Goal: OT practitioner will instruct patient in 1 occupation based activity in …

Videos of exact techniques! Treatment ideas for #OTs working on dressing with their adult patients. | #geratricOT #occupationaltherapy #occupationaltherapist #occupationaltherapyassistant

OT Dressing Techniques (for Adults!) Using Theraband

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Here are some quick and easy occupational therapy treatment ideas to work on some of those range of motion, safety and ADL task components of donning a shirt, pants and bra with your patients using a theraband when the actually completing the occupation of dressing is not an option. Occupation based tasks are always top priority, but sometimes cannot be done, …

New Podcast for #OT practitioners, specifically for those working with older adults | #OTpodcast #occupationaltherapy

Podcast: Welcome to the Seniors Flourish Podcast

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Welcome to the Seniors Flourish Podcast! This first episode explains what the Seniors Flourish Podcast is all about, how it will help you as an occupational therapy practitioner to be the best you can be when working with older adults and who is on the line up in the next few shows. Referenced Websites: Learning Lab Membership Site Thanks …

Get new tx ideas using puzzles in #OT with your patients that have dementia - what kind are best, how to use them + ways to use them in a sensory diet | #geriatricOT #occupationaltherapy

How to Use Puzzles in OT with Patients That Have Dementia

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Using puzzles in occupational therapy for our patients with dementia is a great way to work on goals, reminisce, and use as a part of a patient’s sensory diet. I will discuss how to incorporate them into working toward your goals for physical limitations, cognitive limitations and recommendations on what to look for in puzzles specifically for patients with dementia. When …

As an #OT, trying to find DME for patients can be a challenge - check out this list! | #geriatricOT #occupationaltherapy

Where OTs Find FREE DME (or a Smokin’ Deal) for Patients

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In an ideal world, all of our patients would be able to get all the adaptive equipment and that they need and get it paid for. This, of course, is not the reality and many occupational therapy practitioners end up scrambling around to find DME that our patients can afford and help with their independence and safety in daily living. I …

8 GREAT productivity tips for occupational therapists that work in SNFs. | #geriatricOT #OT #occupationaltherapy

8 Productivity Tips for Occupational Therapists Working in SNFs

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Productivity. Ugh. I almost don’t even want to say the word out loud… In all actuality, I feel it shouldn’t be called “productive,” it should be called what it really is: “billable.” We are ALL as efficient as we can be in skilled nursing facilities, as there are so many extra things that we do to provide excellent patient care that facilities can’t …

Check out the only thing you as an #OT need to read, hear and absorb today | #geriatricOT #occupationaltherapy

The Only 121 Words You Need to Read Today as an Occupational Therapist

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You Make a Difference Every. Single. Day. Most of us went into Occupational Therapy to help people, but we get sucked into the politics, the insurance companies, the pressures of corporation and the barriers that prevent us from doing the job we want to do. I challenge you today to remind yourself that what we do as a profession MATTERS. It matters …

Get some new ideas with this HUGE list of fine motor activities when working with adults | #OT #geriatricOT

Fine Motor Skills for Adults – The Ultimate Collaborative List!

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I am always looking for new fine motor skills ideas, specifically when working with adults. I tend to resort to my “old favorites” that I know work well, along with specific activities that are important to my patients. But when I am working with a patient long term, where I need to grade the activity or trying to look for activities that …

5 BADL assessments for #OTs. Number 2 is my personal favorite. PLUS free PDF to print them all of + use tomorrow | #geriatricOT

5 Top BADL Geriatric Assessments for Occupational Therapists

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When you’re a student or new occupational therapist practicing on your own, it can be hard to decide which Basic Activities of Daily Living (BADL) geriatric assessment tool to use to track your patient’s self-care progress. There are so many to choose from, so it can be overwhelming trying to comb Google trying to figure out which assessments will be best for …