Retropulsion treatment idea using 3 items you already have in your rehab gym. Let's help our patients with Parkinson's work on being able to transfer better and not fall backward | #geriatricOT #OT

Retropulsion Treatment Idea Using 3 Items You Already Have in the Clinic

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Retropulsion has been a teensy-weensy thorn in my side. As in, “I am not exactly sure how to train or what types of treatment ideas” are there for my patients pushing back or losing their balance backwards when I am specifically working on functional transfers. It is a big factor in falls with my patients that have Parkinson’s Disease and limits …

Easy High Tech Ideas for OTs Who Do Not Work in Assistive Technology. Great practical solutions to keep older adults at home and independent | #OT #COTA

High Tech Home Modifications for the Generalist Occupational Therapist

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I can honestly say I am a “jack of all trades” in the occupational therapy world. I am not an assistive technology guru or even have easy access to someone that is, since I live in a rural community. But I DO complete a lot of home assessments and make recommendations on home modifications.  I am going to review what to …

OT treatment idea for low level dementia patients. Perfect for purposeful activity (familiar & fun!) and sensory stimulation. Just print and play. |

Domino Match Game for Patients with Low Level Dementia

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Working with low level patients that have dementia can be a challenge when your goal is to find treatment activities that are both purposeful and fun. Dominos are not only familiar, but they provide smooth tactile input, are visually stimulating and you can easily grade this activity. This domino match game can used as an independent activity with intermittent cuing or even …

Some of the BEST resources for OTs if you are working with geriatrics or phys dys - books, resources, CEUs + more |

Ultimate Resource List for OTs Working in Geriatrics & Physical Disabilities

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I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for great resources to use in my occupational therapy practice. I have a love for researching and staying up-to-date, so I am always digging around to see what I can find. So, due to popular request, I thought it would be helpful to make a list of the resources that I have …

Great tips to motivate your patients - especially those with dementia. #5 is my favorite! Plus FREE Quick Reference Guide with 2 BONUS TIPS. Check it out on| #geriatricOT

Tips of the Trade to Overcoming Patient Refusals

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Patient refusals can be very frustrating! What do we do? There are supervisors to appease, RUG levels to adhere to, patients to help and ethical dilemmas to resolve. Here are a few tips to help ease the woes of patient refusals. 1. Split Your Minutes If you are an occupational therapist working in a SNF, sometimes having minute minimums are …

Check out this list of Occupation - Based Kits for your Rehab Department + FREE Supply List for easy purchasing of items | #geriatricOT #OT

Occupation Based Kit Ideas for Your Rehab Department

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Occupation Based Kits are a great way to integrate more real-to-life activities in your hospital or SNF facility when it can be a challenge to replicate these task in the typical healthcare environment . They can easily be graded up or down based on the patient’s cognition, sensory integration, social participation or physical ability. Just grab a container, throw in your …

Plus FREE Patient Handout: Answering Kids Questions About Dementia. Read about a personal story of a woman, her mother, raising kids and how writing a book helped her on her journey. | #geriatricOT

OT’s Role in Helping Grandkids Understand Dementia

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As an occupational therapist helping older adults with dementia, we come into contact with many family’s caring for their parents. These caregivers are also known as the “sandwich generation,” because they are not only taking care of their parents, but also raising their own kids. Our role as Occupational Therapists are to #1. provide services for our patients, but also #2. provide caregiver education, …

Check out these tips from other OTs that work with the older adult population. Find this tip "Help prevent caregiver burnout." and MORE at | #OT #geriatricOT

OTs Reveal Their 35 Top Tips When Working in Geriatrics

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I got in touch with occupational therapists from all over social media who work with older adults and asked each one – What is your top tip for working with geriatric patients? I am excited to report that this list has a lot of gems in it – from professional tips, treatment ideas and even self care. Dive in, learn and …

Read Now! FREE educational video. Alzheimers Bathing Battles: Part 1: Shower Technique. Bathing tips + video for OTs, caregivers and anyone who struggles with bathing someone with Alzheimer's, dementia or other cognitive impairment. | #OT #geriatricOT

Alzheimer’s Bathing Battle Tips: Part 1- Shower Method

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Bathing someone with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other cognitive impairment is one of the biggest complaints from caregivers. There is fighting, arguing, and frustration. There is worry about body odor, risk of infection and being in pain due to chaffing and soreness. Everyone that struggles with bathing goes through this. First thing to focus on is that you cannot change your …

Check out tips + step by step instructions for how, when and why to use a sock aid. | #OT #geriatricOT

Arthritis, Hip Pain & Adventures of Putting on a Sock

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It is cold. It is December in the Rocky Mountains, there is snow outside and my toes are freezing – BURR! Here are a few tips and tools to get those socks on, keep you independent getting dressed and keep those feet warm, especially if you have arthritis, back or hip pain. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have arthritis in the …