5 Activity Tolerance Games to Play During OT Sessions to Make it FUN! | SeniorsFlourish.com #OT #occupationaltherapy

5 FUN and Purposeful Standing Tolerance Activities for OT

Mandy Chamberlain MOTR/L Education & Tips for Independent Living 14 Comments

5 Activity Tolerance Games to Play During OT Sessions to Make it FUN! | SeniorsFlourish.com #OT #occupationaltherapyI am always looking to mix up my occupational therapy treatments for standing tolerance activities - especially when working in a nursing facility as we are seeing them typically 5 days a week (or more!).

Occupation based ideas are always my go-to, but I love to use games as a means to:

1) work on OT goals,

2) be purposeful,

3) have FUN,

4) have a good time and laugh

Here is a list of some really great DIY games you can easily incorporate into your OT goals for standing tolerance.

Most can be put up and taken down due to limited clinic space!

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5 Activity Tolerance Games to Play During OT Sessions to Make it FUN! | SeniorsFlourish.com #OT #occupationaltherapyVertical Card Match: a trifold cardboard with a deck of cards attached - ideas are endless with this!

  • Scrabble: take this concept and use a bed sheet
I'd love to hear what you would add to the list! Comment below

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  1. I’ve tried placing shaving cream in a mirror and have the patient clean it off. Or treasure hunt locating and reaching for items on shelf or around the room.

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  2. Almost everyone has to rinse a few dishes every day. A lot of my patients enjoy rinsing and drying plates, glasses and cups. They can put them away for an extra challenge. For my folks who are particularly weak, I help them stand at the sink and wash their hands.

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  3. I like to play tic-tac-toe using window markers while standing at a window or mirror. I’ve also done “who can draw the funniest face” and pictionary! Fun and makes the time fly by before they know it.

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      I think pictionary would be particularly fun… I can see a lot of laughs along the way 🙂 Thanks for sharing Alison

  4. I work in home care and have created a take-off on the card match game. It’s on a large hanging fabric/felt board attached to a long dowel and string. I use an over-door hook to hang it up in the client’s home. It’s easy to roll up and transport. I also made a felt dart board for it to use with ping pong balls wrapped with velcro (haven’t tried that yet). I had hopes of making other games to use with it, and now I have some more ideas. Thanks!

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  5. Faux Stain glass craft. I purchased mine from Oriental Trading or S&S Worldwide. The patients squeeze (hand strengthening) liquid into the compartments while standing (activity tolerance/strengthening/static standing balance) at a table.

    Oatmeal at the microwave. I also purchase sugar free banana pudding and the mini graham cracker pie shells. The patients measure out the milk and whisk the pudding. Pour it evenly into the 6 mini pie shells. Slice banana and place a few slices on each pie & enjoy! You could use chocolate sugar free pudding with dream whip cream.
    Measuring, mixing, clean up and nutritional discussion all while standing and/or working on work simplification/energy conservation techniques.
    I usually discuss using appliances such as crock pot, slow cooker, microwave, toaster oven or joint protection if appropriate/relevant.

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      I am on board with you – finding client centered activities that are both purposeful and FUN are great!

  6. My patients really like playing Kings in the Corner – 2 person solitare game. It is simple to learn and repetitive.

  7. My favorite standing tolerance activity in the SNF is straightening the closet. In home care, it can cleaning out a kitchen cabinets or a linen closet

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