Occupational therapy treatment ideas for men. Occupation based and client centered ideas to make #OT more purposeful and fun | SeniorsFlourish.com #occupationaltherapy #geriatricOT

Occupation Based OT Treatment Ideas for Men

Mandy Chamberlain MOTR/L Education & Tips for Independent Living 24 Comments

Looking for occupational therapy treatment ideas specifically for men? Here is a list for you! In my treatment sessions, I strive to provide client-centered, occupation based treatments when possible, but I am going to say it – men are different than women! They have different interests, ideas and things that are important to them and I definitely have to cater …

Videos of exact techniques! Treatment ideas for #OTs working on dressing with their adult patients. | SeniorsFlourish.com #geratricOT #occupationaltherapy #occupationaltherapist #occupationaltherapyassistant

OT Dressing Techniques (for Adults!) Using Theraband

Mandy Chamberlain MOTR/L Education & Tips for Independent Living 21 Comments

Here are some quick and easy occupational therapy treatment ideas to work on some of those range of motion, safety and ADL task components of donning a shirt, pants and bra with your patients using a theraband when the actually completing the occupation of dressing is not an option. Occupation based tasks are always top priority, but sometimes cannot be done, …

Get new tx ideas using puzzles in #OT with your patients that have dementia - what kind are best, how to use them + ways to use them in a sensory diet | SeniorsFlourish.com #geriatricOT #occupationaltherapy

How to Use Puzzles in OT with Patients That Have Dementia

Mandy Chamberlain MOTR/L Education & Tips for Independent Living 13 Comments

Using puzzles in occupational therapy for our patients with dementia is a great way to work on goals, reminisce, and use as a part of a patient’s sensory diet. I will discuss how to incorporate them into working toward your goals for physical limitations, cognitive limitations and recommendations on what to look for in puzzles specifically for patients with dementia. When …

OT treatment idea for low level dementia patients. Perfect for purposeful activity (familiar & fun!) and sensory stimulation. Just print and play. | SeniorsFlourish.com

Domino Match Game for Patients with Low Level Dementia

Mandy Chamberlain MOTR/L Education & Tips for Independent Living 19 Comments

Working with low level patients that have dementia can be a challenge when your goal is to find treatment activities that are both purposeful and fun. Dominos are not only familiar, but they provide smooth tactile input, are visually stimulating and you can easily grade this activity. This domino match game can used as an independent activity with intermittent cuing or even …

Check out this list of Occupation - Based Kits for your Rehab Department + FREE Supply List for easy purchasing of items | SeniorsFlourish.com #geriatricOT #OT

Occupation Based Kit Ideas for Your Rehab Department

Mandy Chamberlain MOTR/L Education & Tips for Independent Living 8 Comments

Occupation Based Kits are a great way to integrate more real-to-life activities in your hospital or SNF facility when it can be a challenge to replicate these task in the typical healthcare environment . They can easily be graded up or down based on the patient’s cognition, sensory integration, social participation or physical ability. Just grab a container, throw in your …